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The one and only large-scale boat party on Mykonos island making its mark on the tourism market, providing unforgettable party in Mykonos and memories for its customers.

It is the best way to meet people while on vacation without a doubt!

With over 10 years experience in the boat party sector and having events across borders MYK Boat Club has established an international product suited for all. Mykonos boat party is a sure thing to do when visiting the beautiful island that we call home... and others call Mykonos.

Are you ready for a new way to explore Mykonos and its beautiful surrounding islands from its awesome crystal waters? Try sipping on a cocktail and taking selfies with the most astonishing sunset as your backdrop. What more can you ask for?! Well, a lot actually! Because at MYK Boat Club we like to mix our cocktails with sweet tunes played and when the dance floor gets to hot! Take a swim in some of the most stunningly clear waters the Greek islands have to offer.

"What an insane experience, if you love to be free, dance, swim and party this us the place!!! Amazing sunset views to accompany the vibes!!! The one guy behind the bar I think his name was Markus was great too, very entertaining. The booking platform for this party was really easy to use and very clear with what was included."

"DJ at the top and very stylish! Very good atmosphere, cool alcohol flow, they do not hesitate to fill the glass, the team is very cool and the sound ambiance from beginning to end. Spot very nice, turquoise water. Very appreciable"

"If u want to have a real party boat experience, then MYKONOS BOAT PARTY is what you are looking forward 🚀 lot of fun, dance, djs, drinks, food, sunset, swim… all in one 🕺🏿"

"Amazing experience, would advise to do it on your first day so you can make friends and tour Mykonos together! The DJ was great and the crew was accommodating."

"Amazing and highly recommended experience whit beautiful people from many different countries around the world, and an incredible Dj who made this experience even more special playing and entertaining all the people on board whit different songs."


All-inclusive in all packages!

Unlimited Mojitos

Unlimited long drinks

Unlimited beer

Unlimited soft drinks

Fresh fruit

Swim stop



You will meet our friendly staff to welcome you to the check-in of our boat party, on the peer of the old harbor by Mykonos old town; from there you will be briefed on your boarding instructions and start to meet your fellow party goers.

··· 2 ···

Boarding and safety instructions will happen, shortly after you will hear the music drop as the event starts and the bar opens for your unlimited drinks. Feel the engines powering under you as we pass the famous Delos Island on the way.

··· 3 ···

We would have anchored for a swim stop to allow you to cool off while the party continues in and out of the crystal Greek waters. Grab some juicy fresh cut fruit or succulent sweets to get your energy up to hit the dance floor as the entertainment and games start.

··· 4 ···

Before you know it the amazing sites of the sun setting and getting closer to the water grabs your attention as we slowly start navigating our way back to Mykonos Island.

··· 5 ···

We like to call this at MYK Boat Club, “The magic selfie hour” as the stunning sunset provides the perfect background for that new vacation Instagram profile picture and burns a memorable moment in our customer’s minds for life!

Arriving back to Mykonos Island, the Town night lights invite you back as if you have your own welcome back party to the Island....


An unforgettable experience

Let the seductive music that is playing lead you to the dance floor, for the entertainment to start. Champagne showers! All are called to order as you enjoy unlimited drinks while watching the ocean swallow the sun with the silhouette of Mykonos Island to admire.

The only choice left for you to make is whether you want the Standard excess or upgrade to VIP? Would you rather enjoy the sites and party in your own reserved area, overlooking the dance floor while drinking premium drinks and top brand champagne? Enjoy VIP service while dancing on your reserved VIP table with your group of friends! Choice is yours...

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🔥On sale now from 109€!
Unlimited mojitos // Unlimited long drinks // Unlimited soft drinks // Unlimited beer // Fresh fruit // Swim stop // Inflatables // Candy
All included in the price, no extra fees or surpises on board. Pay the ticket and all included, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you'll remember the day for being the best day of your holidays!


Access to VIP area // Priority boarding // Private table // Personal fruit platter & candy bowl // 1 premium bottle, mixers & 1 bottle of prosecco
Everything included in Standard + extra services (per group of 4 tickets/people, minimum 4). E.g. Group of 5/6/7, 1 ticket pp. Group of 8/9/10/11, get VIP benefits x2; Group of 12/13/14/15, get VIP benefits x3...


Next level party boat Mykonos

Join us and leave land onboard our gorgeous double deck boat, escape reality for a nonstop fun party accompanied by beautiful people. See some of the most beautiful coast lines presented to you by the amazing Greek Islands; put on your swimsuit as you will want to dive into the crystal clear waters Mykonos has to offer on our swim stop, inflatables available for your enjoyment! Take your time, relax, we will be waiting aboard with juicy fresh cut fruit platters and sweets bowl to power you up again!


We want to help you!


This FAQ will solve you most of your doubts!

We definitely recommend buying your tickets online for Mykonos party. Being the only boat party on Mykonos Island, above 80% of our tickets would be sold by the time you arrive for your summer holiday. So booking directly with us would insure you get a ticket at the best possible price for party in Mykonos.
Yes!! We offer great discounts to big groups. We also specialize in bachelor and hen parties, insuring the best deals for you. To get a quote on the best deal for your group or party please contact us directly on info@mykonospartyboat.com.
We do have a VIP section closed off from the rest of the party with your own VIP table and service. VIP tickets include everything your standard tickets include plus:

1) Priority Boarding and swimming stop
2) Private VIP table and service
3) Personal fruit platter and sweets bowl
4) A premium bottle of your choice (from our list) & 6 mixers (1 per group of 4 VIP tickets)
5) A bottle of champagne (1 per group of 4 VIP tickets)
6) The best seats and views of the party and beautiful shore lines we pass on our way.

A minimum of 4 guests per VIP table (exceptions can be arranged).
For your best VIP table deals please contact us on info@mykonospartyboat.com.
Smoking is permitted only in the smoking zones marked out on the boat. Please listen to the rules and regulations at the start of the event as this will be made clear to you in those instructions. Please respect the rules of the boat and its guests. We will not tolerate the use of any illegal substance and will be forced to report you to the law if found with any illegal substance.
No person under the age of 18 is permitted to enter the boat party, weather they have bought a ticket or not (refunds will not be available). You will be asked before boarding to show identification of your age before being allowed on. Please bring along an identification document that shows your date of birth and has a photo of you.
We do not have any lockers on the boat or holding areas. All property is brought on the boat at the customers on risk and is the responsibility of the customer. MYK Boat Club will not be held responsible for any loses or damage to personal property what so ever.
You may reschedule for a different date and event as long as; It is done before 15 days of the original booked event date. Rescheduling is also subject to availability and MYK Boat Club reserves all rights to decline a request of rescheduling if it finds damaging to its event.
You may cancel your ticket, please read our terms and conditions for further details on our cancellation policy. MYK Boat club has the right to reschedule the event with 24 hours notice without refund due to weather or mechanical situations. Online / Early bird tickets / discount and special event tickets may not be cancelled and no refund will be offered in case is not specified the opposite above this section.
If you did not receive your ticket please email info@mykonospartyboat.com with the full name of the reservation. Please provide us with your payment information and proof in order for us to track and send you a new ticket. We are also able to pick up your booking at our event check-in. Identification document must be presented when you have lost your ticket.
We do not offer complimentary registrations to anyone, including board members and chapter leadership.
You will need your official ticket with the receipt that was provided on full payment of your event. (If you did not receive your receipt on full payment of your tickets we will provide it to you at the check-in). You only need one copy of the ticket for your whole group. (You may have your ticket and receipt on your cell phone to show to us as well). Everyone should bring a form of personal identification to prove your age and with a legal document number. (You will be asked for your ID or Passport number before boarding the boat party.) Please note that check-in ends 15 minutes before your departure time and we will not be able to hold the boat under any circumstances.
The check-in starts at the time mentioned above at the peer by the Old Harbor in Mykonos Old Town. (Look for the little old church by the water’s edge, just past that you will find our friendly staff on the boat peer.) Check-in ends 15 minutes before departure and we will not accept any late comers as we have to depart in time (mentioned above, at the top of the page). Please click on link for directions to check-in location: https://goo.gl/maps/fAo6KV7jM44341s78.
The trip will start from the Old Harbor Mykonos Island, shortly after departing the harbor the party will start. We navigate passing the famous Delos Island. We Arrive at a secret location where we dock just of its beautiful cost line for our swim stop. Then departing just in time to catch the amazing sunset as we slowly navigate back to Mykonos Old Harbor while partying to the rising of the moon.
All though we at MYK Boat Club do not promote excessive drinking, drinks are included in our open bar and unlimited (while stocks last). We offer flavoured Mojitos, beers and long drinks as well as water and soft drinks. We are sure not to leave you thirsty for the duration of the whole boat party. We also have premium bottles and champagne for those special occasions or for those of you not so keen on cocktails and beers (not included in ticket price), please arrange with us before hand when possible.
Look amazing! Dress to kill!! And most importantly bring your swim suit! Dress lightly, like a beach party. Don’t forget your swimming towels and sunglasses as they are not provided aboard. We suggest bringing along a jersey or windbreaker as the sea can get nippy when the sunsets. We do not have holding rooms or lockers, all valuables should be left at home and will be brought aboard at the customers own risk.
We serve you a delicious mixed selection of freshly cut juicy fruits and provide large sweet bowls. There is no other food available on board; we suggest that our guests eat before coming to our events as the food provided serves as a snack. Please note that we do not allow you to bring your own food or drinks to the event.